Wills Hall 1944

The first eight photographs were provided by Lord Chilver. They show the various stages in the students' efforts to remove from the quad the enormous static water tank which had been positioned there to deal with wartime fires and incendiary bombs. The presence of lady students is interesting and unexplained. Student displays and banners can also be seen in the quad.

The last two items came from Stephen Harvey (1944-1946) but show the students including Lord Chilver (known then as Amos but later as Henry) in the back row eleventh from the right. His signature is on the back - in the right hand box.

Wills Hall 1929 - 1933

The following photographs were sent to us by Mr Charles Burgess of Bathampton. They were found whilst clearing out some old possessions belonging to his father. They were in an album with other family photographs that have been identified but Mr Burgess has no knowledge of the Wills Hall link. Can you help us identify any of these people? We have already identified some people but would appreciate further assistance.

Photographs courtesy of Charles Burgess.

Wills Hall Declaration

On 14th December, the day following his installation as the University's third Chancellor, Mr Churchill cut the ribbon across the driveway, declared the Hall open, signed the declaration the original of which now hangs in the Warden’s house - adding however the words ‘on trust’ below his signature just in case anything went wrong - and was chaired aloft by students around the quadrangle.