Current Students

I hope you are busy enjoying yourselves and are finding that your time at Wills Hall echoes the words of Sir Liam Donaldson, " For me, Wills was much more than a place to stay, much more than a temporary billet to be quickly forgotten, much more than an enclave of cliques and fragmented groups going their own way. It was a genuine and rock-solid community where friendships were forged and character was formed."

No matter how many years you may live in Wills, you will only be a first year in a Hall once and I hope that by being part of the Wills Hall community you have the best experience possible.

The Association has almost 950 members. It exists to keep members in touch with each other as well as to support the Warden and students, including those formerly at Wills but still at university, through our events and financial support for projects to enhance hall life for students and others. We have recently donated portraits of former wardens, their illumination, the chapel organ, a new sound system for the dining hall. Our most recent project was supporting the refurbishment of the bar. Our link with Hall life is maintained in part by meeting twice a year with members of the JCR Committee. They and other students also have the opportunity contributing articles and photographs about hall activities and sporting events for the Association’s Yearbook which is published in April.

Current and former members of Hall still at the university are encouraged to join as members of the Association and thus participate fully in its benefits. The Association cannot do its work without your support. Freshers will have received details in their welcome pack and some have already joined. We are looking for large numbers again this year so do join without delay.

In the meanwhile the committee sends you every good wish for your time at Wills and beyond.

Charles Gunter - Chairman